Thursday, June 3, 2010

Liverpool Fans Shockingly Shocked by Predictable Exit of Benitez

'Thank you for six great years, during which I aged fourteen years.'

Liverpool fans continue to be shockingly shocked in the wake of Rafa Benitez's entirely predictable dismissal from the club he managed for six years. Despite spending more than 240 million pounds on no less than 70 players, Benitez ultimately succeeded in building essentially a two-man team, which was obvious to everyone who is not a Liverpool fan.

Liverpool supporters flooded internet message boards with messages of thanks and support for their former manager, and of course, grief:

- I'm literally in tears. It shouldn't have had to end this way. Not like this.

- What a fantastic man he is, a true legend

- Good luck Rafa - we never deserved you anyway

- weeping like a girl

- Sitting in work trying hard not to cry

- YNWA Rafa La

- I am crying like a baby

- For God's sake, let us sit upon the ground. And tell sad stories of the death of kings

- I've been in denial really since last night, but now it's really hit home. I'm crying.

- You fought for us and we in turn fought for you, YNWA my friend.

- This feels like an old friend has just died.

- God bless you Rafa

In a departure from WFNFTW policy, the above quotes have not been fabricated. They are 100% genuine messages from a leading Liverpool website which shall remain unnamed, but which in fact is Red and White Kop (