Thursday, January 1, 2009

McGuin: Gerrard Will Play on Right

Former Liverpool midfielder Steven Gerrard, who often stated that he preferred to play in the centre despite Rafa Benitez not trusting him to play there, will play on the right, according to his new manager, Jim "Bricks" McGuin.

McGuin, manager of Liverpool HM Prison side GBH Eleven, said that Gerrard's thrusting forward runs, sweeping passes, and deadly long-range shooting should give his side a boost.

"Steven gives us a chance at the title," McGuin said. "We'll play him out wide, where we can best utilize his strengths. I don't really want him in the middle. I need people there who stay in position, can put their foot on the ball and slow the game down, and not overlap the strikers every time they play a ball forward. I've got a couple of lads in on credit card fraud who handle that."

Gerrard, sentened to ten months following an assault on a DJ, expressed his willingness to embrace the wide role.

"Yeah, I've played out there a lot like, so I'm getting good at it, la," he said. "It'd be good if the gaffer gave me a run in the centre too, because I really like it there and think it's my best position like."

McGuin stressed that Gerrard's experience as a professional makes him a natural leader."We expect Steven to lead by example," he said."He's played at the highest level and has proven that he can do a job for anybody. Not in the centre, tho."

GBH Eleven sit 7 points behind league leaders Polish Pride with just 4 games to play. The two sides meet in a top of the table clash at 3pm on Sunday.

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