Thursday, March 13, 2014

Five Football Derbies You Must Haunt After You Die!

Bucket list? Forget it. You'll never do all that stuff - who has the time? But don't let dying stop you from taking in these magnificent derbies, showcasing all that's great about the beautiful game.

1. Rangers v Celtic, Scotland. This one is on hiatus for the time being, but once Rangers get back to the top flight, your spectral apparition won't want to miss the intense atmosphere, frenetic pace, and - yes - hatred between the two sets of supporters. Scottish football may not be what it once was, but the Auld Firm is still worth haunting.

2. Red Star v Partizan, Serbia. The sheer mayhem of this derby, with flares and fires burning on the terraces, is not to be missed. You'll be glad you've taken leave of your corporeal being when the ultras start hurling bricks and stones at each other!

3. Manchester United v Liverpool, England. Though separated by 30 miles, this one may not technically be a 'derby,' but any clash between the two most successful clubs in England, and two cities with strong rivalries, is bound to thrill even the most jaded spook, spectre, or waif. 

4. Real Madrid v Barcelona, Spain. The whole world stops for the Clasico. Two giants of world football history, two giants of the modern game. A chance to see Messi and Ronaldo live! Well - they're alive, at least, even if you aren't.

5. River Plate v Boca Juniors, Argentina. For atmosphere, color, and passion, nothing tops the Superclasico. Whether you're drafting under the Bombonera scoreboard or going full-frontal ectoplasmic apparition at the Monumental, you simply won't believe the scenes. Truly a once-after-a-lifetime experience. 

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