Monday, November 1, 2010

Spurs keeper Gomes: "I just assumed I was the ref"

Spurs goalkeeper Gomes defended his failure to play to the whistle against Manchester United, saying, "I just assumed I was the ref and could award myself a free kick. I saw Nani handle the ball, so, you know, free kick."

Referee Mark Clattenburg did not blow for handball, however, preferring to play advantage, since the goalkeeper had the ball in his hands.

"I did consider playing the advantage," Gomes, said, "but it seemed easier just to drop it near an opponent and walk away."

Harry Redknapp reacted furiously to the controversial decision, saying, "Our record away from home against the top sides is dreadful, so we count on these moments of controversy to take the focus off that. And it worked. This was a meaningless goal, but it's all anyone talked about after the game."

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