Friday, April 2, 2010

UEFA to Introduce "More Dramatic" Champions League Theme

UEFA President Michel Platini today announced plans to introduce a new Champions League theme, beginning with this year's final in Madrid, to replace the current theme, which he called "too subtle."

"This is the Champions League," Platini said. "We need a theme that expresses the glory and splendor of modern football, as played by teams like Barcelona, Manchester United, Chelsea, and sometimes even Real Madrid."

Platini feels the current theme, in use since 1992, is a "good start" on which to build what he calls "The really super magnificent theme of the future."

"Why must we use only three languages in our theme?" Platini asked. "Why not use all the languages of Europe? And why only a seventy person choir? Why not fill a stadium with singers, and violinists, and drummers? There could also be doves."

Platini also feels that the current theme's lyrics are too understated and its trumpet flares too muted.

"I won't be writing the lyrics myself, of course," Platini said. "But if I were going to, they would be something like....and a one, and a two....

Champions, We are Champions
Kings, Gods, We are Lords and Kings
Glory be to us, the Kings of Heaven and Earth

"Then there could be some drums, and canons going off, and then...

Champions, Kings and Master,
We are special and beautiful
Glory to the Champions Who Are We,
Glory Glory to All, to the Champions

"Something like that," Platini said.

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