Friday, June 13, 2008

van Basten: "Nothing Can Stop Us From Glorious Failure"

"We are great, up until a certain point."

Following the Netherlands' stunning 4-1 destruction of France, which came on the heels of an equally comprehensive 3-0 defeat of Italy, Oranje manager Marco van Basten stated that nothing can stop his squad from fulfilling their destiny as tragic failures.

"It is clear we are the best side," he said. "Just as we were in the 1974 World Cup, and the 1978 World Cup, and Euro 2000. Just as in those tournaments, we fear nobody, and have our destiny in our hands. Just as in those tournaments, our fans have huge expectations. And just as in those tournaments, we will fail in spectacular fashion, probably in the semi-finals."

While it may sound arrogant, van Basten is only reflecting his country's deep-rooted belief in the inability of the national football team to actually win a tournament.

"Yes, we won in 1988," van Basten added. "But you must remember an important distinction: I played back then."

"Being the best is what is important," van Basten said. "Winning the tournament? Well, that's for Germany and Italy, you know. Maybe France. We don't measure our self-worth by trophies."

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