Saturday, June 7, 2008

Euro 2008: Group D Preview


As defending champs, the previously unknown Greeks now feature familiar faces such as Stelios Giannakopolis, Giorgios Samaras, and, er, maybe Angelos Basinas. Do the Greeks have a chance to defend their title? Yes and no. Yes, because maybe, and no, because no.

Prediction: Done in by the pressure of being defending champions, they won't win a game.


Gus Hiddink's men turned in some impressive results during qualification, but now find themselves in a group with Spain, Sweden, and the defending champions. They'll be led by Zenit's UEFA Cup-winning striker Pavel Pogrebnyak, and the promise of 10,000 potatoes for each player if they reach the semis. Just kidding, Communism is dead. Unfortunately it took the spirit of Russian football with it.

Prediction: They need Spain to bottle it. And when has that ever happened?


Loaded with stars. Brimming with talent. Overflowing with skill. Overdoing the gerunds. Look, this is getting old. If Spain can't get to the Final with this side, they really should stop bothering the rest of us. Surely with this much talent, their belief must be sky-high, except perhaps for the 5 Liverpool players, who will be accustomed to not winning anything.

Prediction: Finalists. Glorious losing finalists.


Sweden may be best known for its spectacular underwater scenery and landmarks such as the Pyramids, but there's no question that they have a team in Euro 2008, and they're in Group D. What is less certain is how they will do. All eyes will be on Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who, it is fair to say, played like a turd at the World Cup in Germany. You know who still plays for Sweden? Henrik Larsson! At 36 he's the oldest outfield player in the tournament. That's got to be worth something.

Prediction: Sweden will win Euro 2008.

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