Sunday, December 6, 2009

Lovable Jimmy Bullard: "I've done me knee, Guv!"

Lovable midfielder Jimmy Bullard illuminated Hull's game at Aston Villa yesterday with his unique brand of cheeky chappy humour, scintillating skills, and inevitable knee injury.

The floppy haired played damaged his knee in a collision with James Milner, who has an ordinary haircut and rarely, if ever, mugs, grins, goofs, jokes, takes the piss, hikes up his shorts to his chest, or does anything apart from his expected job duties as a footballer.

"We hope it's not serious," said Hull's camera-shy manager Phil Brown, his salmon jumper tied around his neck. "The lad lives and breathes football. He's just about as important to our season as I am."

"Nuffink you can do about it, Guv," the affable Bullard said, shrugging. "That's life, know what I mean? Yeah, course you do, Guv. Alright?"